About Kristie Turoff

Kristie Turoff has served PNC Mortgage, a division of PNC Bank in Walnut Creek, California, as a mortgage loan officer since May 2013. She specializes in a number of mortgage loan areas, including Jumbo Loan origination, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac conforming and super-conforming loans, Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and Veteran’s Association (VA) loans. Additionally, Kristie Turoff is skilled at working with clients who are considering a refinance of their current fixed or adjustable-rate loans. Refinance checks may also be desirable if an individual is taking cash out of his or her home.

A committed and hard-working professional, Kristie Turoff helps clients looking to buy a home with PNC’s expedited underwriting credit and income approval process, which increases the chance that their offers will be accepted because listing agents and sellers will understand that the buyers have a solid underwritten pre approval. Clients can reach Kristie any time, including weekends and evenings, by e-mailing kristie.turoff@pncmortgage.com or by calling or texting 925-984-9939.


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